Visual data mapping

This tool aims to facilitate a user to define the internal representation of document types he or his company is interested to automatically detect. The tool functions as a configuration tool for Commius. The tool was designed according to End-User Development theories and following design suggestions by end-users in a series of formative evaluations.

The mapping tool loads first a document or email where the user can annotate portions of text by highlighting them and specifying which concept best represents it. A list of comprehensive concepts is available in the tool covering concepts of companies, products, services, and interrelations between them as typical to an enterprise context.

The user creates document types by loading a document as an example, annotating concepts, selecting additional concepts no originally included in the document, and finally saving the document type. The mapping tool then proceeds to indicate the underlying Commius to consider that document type when analysing incoming emails.

Download the whole Commius source code here.