Coming from different backgrounds such as computer science, information systems, e-commerce, physics and electronics
The core of our team comprises academics, researchers, and PhD students.


Prof Nikolay Mehandjiev

Prof Nikolay Mehandjiev
Professor of Enterprise Information Systems
Head of Division - Marketing, Operations
Management and Service Systems

Dr Ilias Petrounias

Dr Ilias Petrounias
Senior Lecturer in Business Intelligence
Head of Service Systems Research Group
Alliance MBS Head of Undergraduate Studies
ITMB Programme Director

Dr Babis Theodolidous

Dr Babis Theodoulidis
Senior Lecturer in Information Management
MBA Coordinator

Dr Pedro Sampaio

Dr Pedro Sampaio
Lecturer in Business Technology and
Information Systems
MOMS Postgraduate Research Coordinator

Dr Ali Owrak

Dr Ali Owrak
Lecturer in Digital Businesses
Tutor of ITMB programme

Prof. Peri Loucopoulos

Prof. Peri Loucopoulos
Professor in Service Systems


Dr Cesar Marin

Dr Cesar Marin
Research Fellow in Adaptive Systems


Dr Usman Wajid
Research Fellow in Distributed Systems
and Cloud Services

Dr Javad Akhlaghinia

Dr Javad Akhlaghinia
Research Associate in Mobility Systems

PhD students

Mr Daniel Joseph
Linking information resources with automatic extraction of


Ms Azar Shahgholian
Social networks and enterprise environmental performance

Ms Sumaira Minhas
A framework for improving end user orientation of service


Ms Wadha Labda
Privacy-aware process-level service compositions
on distributed service systems

Ms  Olukorede Eliza Abioye
Business model framework for financial markets


Mr Thamir Alaskar

Ms Szu-Yao Chien


Mr Onome Onopakchere
Multi-agent coordination in supply chains

Mr Samuel Imhanwa
A strategic model for the adoption of Cloud computing with SMEs


Mr Francisco Hago
Smart grid for energy transition management

 Shinmeng Lin


Rola Mohammed

Zhenxin Qin


Shanshan Wang

Ninioritse Tuedon



Visiting Academics and Researchers

Dr Ilam Chamovitz

External members

Prof John Keane

Past members

Dr Liwei Liu


Dr Abdallah Namoun 

Dr Antonella De Angeli


Dr Anthony Karageorgos

Dr Iain Stalker


Dr David Diaz

Dr Freddy Lecue


Dr Martin Carpenter

Mr Tim Skelly