COMMIUS: COMMunity-based Interoperability Utilities for SMEs

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Enterprise interoperability has been addressed by research for decades without real success and little impact on SMEs. The market still lacks an affordable, easy to integrate solution: SMEs instead face costly investment, extensive integration effort and significant revision of their working tools and systems.

COMMIUS, an EC funded FP-7 project, fills that gap in interoperability solutions for SMEs; it allows them to reuse existing and familiar applications for electronic communication. The tools is downloaded for free and hooks into the SME's email infrastructure.

In essence, it is composed by three main interoperability layers: system layer where raw text of emails and attachments are analysed to extract relevant concepts; semantic layer where the extracted concepts are grouped for represent the semantical structure of documents in order to align them to a local representation called document type; finally, the process layer assists the user by recommending a suitable action according to the step the user is in a detected workflow process.



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