About us

We are a team of dedicated academics and researchers specialised in the intersection between People, Organisations and Information Technology.

The Service Systems research group finds it origins in the old School of Informatics, which was absorbed by the Alliance Manchester Business School in 2007.

Our research is interdisciplinary by nature. We draw and combine theories, methods, and ideas from Computer Science, Psychology, Economy, and Biology, to name the most common ones. Our impact has been reflected in areas such as manufacturing, transport, Cloud computing, systems design, environmental services, financial services, and enterprise systems and architectures. More than 40 million Euros in funded research projects back our expertise.

A ‘virtuous circle’ of taking our research into the classroom has been practised by the group since its beginnings, closing the loop between cutting-edge research, industrial applications, and education through our ITMB undergraduate programme. Some of our industrial partners include Airbus, EADS, Softeco, SingularLogic, Atos, Iacobucci, SAP, BT, Certicon, SmartSolutions.